For Developers

20% of the UK's Marine and Maritime economy is located within the South East Region. Comprised of over 4,000 businesses, a majority of which are SMEs, their combined sales are estimated to be worth £12Bn to the nation's economy. The southern coast within the region is the location of E.ON's latest development, the Rampion Offshore Wind Farm and it will be in close proximity to many businesses which have the expertise or potential to become part of the Supply Chain. With a life cycle of at least 25 years covering construction, operation and maintenance, Rampion will be a significant customer.

Experience gained by E.ON on a previous development, the Robin Rigg Offshore Wind Farm, showed the value of using local businesses. The surrounding area's suppliers were used whenever possible and benefited the Developer and its Contractors by having companies with local knowledge; enabling cost and time savings e.g. reduced transportation requirements; developing better working relationships; and achieving faster response times.

Building the local Supply Chain also enabled E.ON to engage with the local community and be a good neighbour. As with its previous offshore wind developments, E.ON is working with the community to support local projects and education initiatives. These benefits are in addition to those gained by the area from increased employment opportunities, but also those observed with other offshore wind developments such as increased tourism.